Weird woods

Weird Woods overworld view in Lunar: SSSC

The Weird Woods is the forest that Alex, Ramus, Nall and Luna passed through to go to the port town of Saith so that they could sail to Meribia. It is covered by a thick fog, which Luna dissipated using her singing. They first met Laike there.

Silver Star Story CompleteEdit


6 Antidote, 4 Herbs, 1 Wrath Ring (Red Chest)

Dungeon Run: First RunEdit

Dungeon Run: Second RunEdit


Four different kinds of monsters roam the woods; the Flytrapper, the Gorgon, the Goblin, and the Scythe Spore.



Flytrapper attack

Flytrapper preparing to use Poison Fang

HP: 27              Experience earned: 4

Attack: 41        Silver dropped: 9

Defense: 8



HP: 41              Experience earned: 6

Attack: 49        Silver dropped: 19

Defense: 10

Scythe spore

Scythe Spore

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