The Lunar universe has a wide variety of weapons that are utilized within the games. This is a list of weapons within each of the games.

Lunar: The Silver Star (a.k.a Silver Star Story)Edit

Lunar: Eternal BlueEdit

Lunar: Silver Star Story CompleteEdit

Note: This will list only the weapons that do not appear in Lunar: The Silver Star

Lunar: Eternal Blue CompleteEdit

Note: This will list only the weapons that do not appear in Lunar: Eternal Blue

Lunar LegendEdit


Althena's Sword: a sword that restores HP with 75 attack

Bastard Sword: a two handed sword with 50 attack

Battle Sword: a light handed sword with 55 attack

Blood Sword: a sword wich drains enemy HP with 60 attack

Brave Sword: a sword with 60 attack

Broad Sword: a sword with 21 attack

Crystal Sword: a sword with 70 attack

Dark Sword: a sword with 61 attack

Demon's Blade: a sword witch steals 10 MP each turn with 85 attack

Flame Sword: a fire-element sword with 39 attack

Katana: a sword with 38 attack

Long Sword: a sword with 16 attack

Master Sword: a sword with 68 attack, it causes more critical hits

Mind Edge: a sword that drains enemy HP, it has 60 attack

Silver Sword: a sword with 33 attack

Thunder Blade: a thunder element plade wich does 55 attack

Lunar: Dragon SongEdit

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