Character Miria Ausa
Hometown Vane
Games Lunar: Eternal Blue
Lunar 2: Eternal Blue Complete
Other Media Lunar 2: Eternal Blue manga
Age Unknown
Race Human
NA Voice Actor None
JP Voice Actor None

Miria Ausa is the Guildmistress of the Magic Guild of Vane, the magical city created by Althena to govern magic. She is the mother of Lemina Ausa, although who Lemina's father is is never shown. During the events of Lunar: Eternal Blue, she is captured by Borgan, who is in love with her, and held captive in Neo-Vane. Lemina eventually rescues her, and Borgan sees the mistakes he has made, and Miria accepts him into Vane.

Preceded by
Mia Ausa
Guildmistress Succeeded by
Lemina Ausa
Magic Guild of Vane
Preceded by
Premier Succeeded by
Lemina Ausa
Magic Guild of Vane
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