The Lunar Wiki was started on March 22, 2006 by Daipenmon to increase the small Lunar fanbase and to document the series and its merchandise as fully as possible using the wiki format.

We're still small, but we hope to get bigger in time.

What Lunar Wiki isEdit

Lunar Wiki is a guide to the worldEdit

Lunar Wiki is a guide to the world of Lunar and the articles in Lunar Wiki should reflect a third-party approach to the world.

Lunar Wiki is a community for the sharing of ideasEdit

Lunar Wiki welcomes interpretations of various aspects of the Luanr games and other material. Nonetheless, if you are inserting your own interpretation of some aspect of the Lunar world into an article, you should note that it is an interpretation rather than officially-confirmed fact.

Lunar Wiki is a game mechanics guideEdit

Lunar Wiki documents mechanical aspects of the Lunar games, such as the amount of hit points a monster has or the way a particular item affects a character's vital stats.

What Lunar Wiki is notEdit

Lunar Wiki is not a fansiteEdit

Typically, fansites seek to include any and all information they can about their subject of interest. While we seek to catalogue and explain the Lunar games, manga, novels, etc., we do not seek to contain game scripts, walkthroughs, videos, translations of foreign language materials, etc. Such content is outside the scope of the Lunar Wiki and would be better suited to a real fansite.

Lunar Wiki is not an image galleryEdit

Screenshots and images are welcome on the Lunar Wiki so long as they demonstrate a point or an idea that the Wiki is otherwise attempting to document. We do not, however, have screenshots and other images just for the sake of having them. If the screenshot does not help in demonstrating something else on the Wiki it should not be uploaded.

Lunar Wiki is not a fan-fiction repositoryEdit

There are plenty of sites at which to upload fan fiction. While Lunar Wiki seeks to catalog and index fan fiction written in and about the Lunar setting, we do not actually contain fan fiction here. An article about a particular piece of fan fiction is acceptable so long as the fan fiction itself does not violate the Wikia Terms of Use, but we do not contain fan-fiction and can only refer the user to where the fan-fiction in question is located.

Lunar Wiki is not a game strategy guideEdit

While Lunar Wiki does document the mechanical aspects of the Lunar games, Lunar Wiki does not document the strategic applications that may arise from that information. Such is better suited to an actual strategy guide or walkthrough, of which many high quality examples already exist.