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Lunar: Silver Star Story is a remake of the first Lunar game with a slightly altered storyline and broader anime cutscenes. Two versions were released for Sega Saturn, one being the first release and the re-release with improved video quality. A "Complete" PlayStation version was later released. There are some quality sacrifices made from the port from Saturn to PlayStation, though transparency effects were added and there are a few extra pieces of dialog and bonus areas not seen in any other version. This is the version released in English by Working Designs.

There are many differences with the storyline of this game and the original. Both versions of the second game, Eternal Blue, follow the original Sega CD storyline. Thus, the remakes of the first game are not considered part of the series canon.

A downgraded port was released as Lunar Legend for the Game Boy Advance. Lunar: Silver Star Harmony for the Sony PSP is an remake as well, and will utilize the same set of anime cutscenes as this remake. It will include a new scenario following the Four Heroes, though whether it will follow the original storyline more closely or ignore the plotholes the current remake has with Eternal Blue is unknown.

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