Dragonfly Wings are items found in stores across Lunar, and are sold for 100 Silver. They will allow Alex or Hiro to escape from dungeons when they need to, at the cost of expending one Dragonfly Wing from their inventory.

In Lunar: Eternal Blue, the White Dragon Wings that are given to Hiro will function like a Dragonfly Wing, allowing Hiro to escape from dungeons at no cost.

Shop LocationsEdit

The Silver StarEdit

  • Meribia, Black Rose Street
  • Vane
  • Lann
  • Lluk

Eternal BlueEdit

  • Dalton
  • Carivan
  • Takkar
  • East Nota
  • Carnival
  • West Nota
  • Zulan
  • Meribia
  • Vane


The Silver StarEdit

Eternal BlueEdit

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