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Bromides are pieces of artwork the player can find in the world of Lunar. They are viewable in the Items menus of both games, while in The Silver Star and its remakes, characters can equip them to boost their stats.

In The Silver Star and its remakes, bromides usually depict the female characters in the game, while in Eternal Blue, bromides of male characters are also included.

In The Silver StarEdit

In Lunar: Silver Story

A bromide of Luna.

Complete, there are many bromides of the heroines and villainesses of the game.

Bromides of the heroines include Luna, Mia, and Jessica, while bromides of the villainesses include Phacia, Xenobia, and Royce.

In Eternal BlueEdit

In Lunar: Eternal Blue Complete, bromides can be found in treasure chests or by talking to people you meet throughout the game.

For example, an artist in Larpa, will see Lucia (the main heroine) walking around town and give the player the bromide as they are searching for Lucia.

Bromides cannot be equipped by playable characters and are for viewing only.

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