The "Blue Star" referred to throughout the Lunar series is Earth of old. According to the opening cinematic in Lunar Eternal Blue Complete, the Goddess Althena having witnessed the destructive nature and devastation of the human race gathered her children and constructed its sole satellite, Lunar, to become a vast lush green land and renamed it Lunar. Upon completion of this terraforming miracle, Althena gave passage to her children and lived among them to guide their actions in creating and maintaining a better way of life. But to allow for her power to be shared, and an eventual return to the Blue Star, she established two servants, the Dragonmaster of Lunar and the Princess of the Blue Star. Both were tasked with protecting and healing the wounds of Lunar should the need arise. Lucia, the Princess of the Blue Star was kept in status within the Crystal Spire since her creation and thus maintained a purely "observant" objectivity in mind and purity in spirit. Meanwhile through nine Dragonmasters, including Dyne, and Alex, the world of Lunar was protected. Barren, desolate and caught in a perpetual winter, the Blue Star is often viewed as a symbol of the Goddess Althena and her choice to watch over humanity. But as seen in her monuments the cresent moon, a symbol of Lunar, is viewed as being cherished by the Goddess' hands.